Mindfulness Coaching


Mindfulness coaching allows you to work one to one with a trained mindfulness practitioner to improve an area of your life through the use of mindfulness and different mindfulness techniques.


During the coaching your goals and aims for the sessions will be identified and we will work together to achieve your goals. We’ll build a toolkit of skills, techniques and activities for you to use to live more mindfully and happily.


Mindfulness coaching can help you feel a less overwhelmed, more present and generally happier. If you struggle feel like you worry too much, have problems with staying present, compare or judge yourself to often. Mindfulness coaching can also help with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction.

When and Where?

I offer 1:1 coaching over the phone or via Skype. Each session will last 1 hour and sessions are run in blocks of 6 with calls every week/2 weeks dependent on needs and what works with your schedule. A block of 6 coaching sessions is £300.

If you want to find out more…

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